The presentation of the theory of knowledge presents a peculiar difficulty. This difficulty is linguistic. Human language was a not made for speaking about knowledge; linguistic formality is not cognitive formality; there are infra-linguistic and supra-linguistic cognitive levels."
- Leonardo Polo, Curso de teoría del conocimiento, tomo I

Translator's Guide to Polian Terms

(last update: March 1, 2017)

abandono del limite mental: abandonment of the mental limit
aceptar: to accept; accepting
acotados: confined; delimited
actuar: action
además: additionally; [see blog discussion]
advertencia: advertence
admiración: wonder
admitir: accept, recognize
advertir: to advert; adverting
alcanzar: to attain
alcanzarse: attain oneself
alteridad: otherness; alterity
amar: loving
amar personal: personal loving
ámbito: sphere; areairr
amor donal: gift-love [used by Lewis]
ampliación: expansion
ampliación de los trascendentales: expansion of the transcendentals
angustia: anxiety
ápice: apex
apertura hacia dentro: inward openness; inward opening; openness to the inside
apertura hacia fuera: outward openness; outward opening; openness to the outside
aporia: aporia, difficulty, problems, perplexity
aportar: to contribute; to donate; to provide
aportación: contribution; donation
bastar: to be enough
bornada: terminated (shared?)
brotar: emerging
buscar: to seek; to search
búsqueda: seeking; search
cada quien: each one
cascada: cascade
comportamiento: behavior
con todo: even so
conducta: conduct
conculca: violates
conducta: conduct
coincide: coincides
coincidente: coincident
lo conocido: the known; what is known
concausas: con-causes
concausalidad: con-causality
consumar: to consume
conveniente: fitting; suiting
corre a cargo: falls to; belongs to
clamor: call
crecer: to increase; to grow
crecimiento: growth; increase
dar: giving; to give
dar notice de sí mismo: to give notice of oneself
dares cuenta: to realize; to become aware
datos: givens
demora: linger; lingering; (delay); staying; dwelling
demora creciente: growing lingering; increasing lingering;
desaferrarse: to detach oneself
destinatario: destinary; beneficiary; recipient
desvelar: reveal
detectación: detection
detención: detention
devolución: the return
desfuturizar: to defuturize
disponer: to avail-of
disponible: available
disposiciones: (dispositions?); ways of being available
donal: gift
donación: gifting [donation?]
encausar: to channel
encontrar: to encounter; to find
englobados: encompassed; enveloped
englobar: to encompass; to envelop
ente: entity
essencial del hombre: human essence
ester más allá: to be beyond
explicitación: explicitation
extramental: extra-mental
fijar: fixing
finalidad: purpose
fundado: grounded
fundamento: ground; [see blog discussion]
uturo sin desfuturización: future without defuturization
ganancia: gain
gasto: spending; expenditure
guardar: to guard; to keep
guardia: guard, keeper, safe keeper
haber: the having; to-be-there
hay: being-there
lo que hay: what is there
hallar: to find
hay: there-is; being-there
hominización: hominization
idear: to ideate; to devise
Identidad originaria: originating Identity
implicación: involvement
inabarcable: incomprehensible
inagotable: inexhaustible
indubitable: unquestionable
intemporal: timeless
lo iluminado: the illuminated
inclusión atópica en el ámbito de la máxima amplitud: atopical inclusion in the sphere of the maximum amplitude
indisponible: non-available
índole: character
inhabitar: inhabit; dwell
insondable: unfathomable
lo inteligido: what is understood; what is intellectively known
inteligir: understanding; to understand; intellection; to intellectively know
ipseidad: ipseity
irrestricta: unrestricted
jugar en favor: to act in favor
legalidades: laws
liberada: liberated, released
macla: twinning; (melding); (fusion)
manifestar: to manifest
manifestación: manifestation
minima: most basic
mirar: gazing; looking
mismidad: sameness
lo mismo: the same
modalidades dispositivas: dispositive modalities; available modalities
normatividad: regulations; set of norms
noticias: notices
object pensado: thought-object; object thought; the object of thought
ocultar: to conceal; to hide
ocurrencia: occurence
ocurrir: to occur
oportuno: appropriate
originario: originating
orlado: edged
ornato: adornment; ornament
oscuridad: darkness
otorgar: to bestow; bestowal
otorgante: bestower
lo pensado: the thought; what is thought; the object of thought
perennidad: permanence; longevity
persistencia: persistence
plasmada: shaped; takes form
práctica: praxis; practical activity
precindier: to do without; to do away with; to dispense with; disregard
presencia mental: mental presence
pretensión: aspiration; claim
pretensión de sí: pretension to self
prosecutiva: continuing; prosecutive
proseguir: to continue; to further; to prosecute
primaria: foremost?
primer principio: first principle
principiado: grounded
principial: principial
prosecución: prosecution; continuation; prolongation
pugna: tension; in tension with; confrontation; conflicts
pugnar: to be in tension; to confront
quedar: to remain
quedar creciente: increasing remaining; increasing staying; growing remaining
querer-yo: wanting-I
radicalidad: radicalism; the very roots
ratificar: to confirm
ratificación: confirmation
razón: account
realmente distincto: really distinct
rebasar: to exceed
recompensar: reward; compensate
rectificación: rectification; correction
redundar: to redound
redundancia: redounding
refrendado: endorsed
repercusión: repercussion
repercute: has repercussions
réplica: replica
respaldado: supported; reinforced; backed by
retraso: delay
salvaguarda: safeguards; keeper
seguir: continue
sentimientos: feelings, affections, emotions, passions, sentiments; [see blog discussion]
Ser Originario: Originating Being; Originary Being (Original Being)
ser: being
ser principial: principial being (grounding being)
simetría: symmetry
sin término: without end; without conclusion
sobrar (n): overflow;
sobrante: overflowing
sobrante formal: formal overflowing; formal surplus
solidario: in solidarity with; agrees with
superado: superseded
supositar: to supposit, to suppose
suppositum: the supposit, supposed; suppositum
supuesto: supposite; suppositum
suscitar: to call forth; to rouse; to raise up;
susitada: called forth by; raised up by; elicited by
sustratarse: to undergird
taleidad: suchness
tema: theme
tematica: thematic
termino: terminus
tope: cap
trocándose: turn into
única: solitary
lo único: the “one”; the only one
ver: seeing
ver-yo: seeing-I
versar - to have to do with
vigencia: validity; effectiveness; (mutual relation?); binding; in effect; in force
visividad: visivity
vivencias: lived experiences
viviente: living being
ya: already
el yo: the I; the self
yoidad: selfhood